"Finest quality craftsmanship, old school techniques. "

About us

Superior Designs & Installations is a company that strives to be a stride above the competition in all aspects of the tile, masonry and stone working trade.

Our process of installation is a salute to the “old timers” of the trade. We use old school techniques to construct a square, flat, level and smooth surface capable of having stone products permanently adhered. We create unique, custom finished products that are both pleasing to the eyes and designed to last a lifetime free of repairs, damage, or problems. The only way to achieve this is to spend a little extra time preparing a surface and treating any blemishes that could become problematic obstacles in the future. Preparation can include things like filling low spots, grinding high spots, squaring up a surface, leveling a surface, or smoothing out bumps or bulges. All of these common problems can be fixed prior to tile and stone installations with ease; however can be devastating to the final product if ignored. These obstacles can usually be overcome by applying forethought and by using a plaster mortar bed technique. The plaster mortar bed can cover problems due to poor framing, bad concrete or home construction in general, which have become by products of today's lumber production and the speed we all must work at in order to stay in competition. When trying to stay within a competitive bid range, often time for quality control and light repairs is sacrificed to finish the job quicker. By the time the tile man shows up, there are commonly many mistakes throughout the construction process that we must now attempt to conceal and beautify. We take pride in making this our specialty and we face and conquer these challenges on a daily basis, taking the extra time and using a lot of patience.

When it comes to installing a tile or stone product one must be extremely meticulous and exhibit patience to insure the job is up to par. A certain degree of finesse is required to deal with all of the problems with different products; such as out of square tiles, depth differences, and off sized tiles in general. Material imperfections are becoming more and more common as manufacturers are also pressed for time and efficiency therefore they sacrifice quality for speed and more production as well.

We consider all of the problems between materials supplied and the working structure itself to be part of the challenge and perfecting imperfections keeps this trade interesting. We consider our mortar bed method to be a #1 process of installation. A #2 installation is the common method used across the United States in order to keep in the bidding competition, this hurried attitude shows in the finished product. A #2 installation uses Durrock or Wonderboard over a substrate such as plywood, chipboard, or drywall and only magnifies and reflects the problems that were created during the previous parts of the construction process, be it poor framing, flawed materials or poor craftsmanship in general. We do not use Hardibacker products, as tile was designed to be adhered to cement, not dry pressed paper with cement dust holding it together. We can offer this #2 installation method, we do not recommend it of course, but if the customer prefers it, we can do it. The monetary difference is diminutive compared to the quality that is lost however we must stay in competition because every dollar counts in this economy. Our adopted “old school” Techniques are what keep us loving what we do and taking extra pride in our finished product. Our custom creations are the rewards for the battles we fight with every job. Our priority and goal is to leave no customers unsatisfied. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We create jobs that fulfill your dream house or simply suit a purpose of use.

We prefer to do each custom job by the house as to insure that all the necessary time can be taken to fix all the unforeseen problems and create personal and unique jobs. We are committed to each customer loving the product we leave them with and boasting our jobs and recommendations are the best advertisements on the market. We rely on word of mouth and visual perfection to keep us above the competition. We are able to give a bid price for jobs as long as we have all of the necessary information to square edges. This allows us to be aware of all complications or blemishes and allocates extra time to conquer the barriers that we may need to overcome at different stages of installation. We need to check the product being laid to enlighten us of any flaws, differences or problems with the product being used. We must also be told if you want the “best case scenario price” or the “worst case scenario price.” Our hourly rates are very competitive and you would be hard pressed to beat our quality of craftsmanship. We don't cut any corners and take a great deal of pride in all of our work. We prefer that the customer be personally involved with every aspect of the job to assure you get exactly what you want and there are no surprises.

Our experience in the tile, stone and masonry trade comes from the areas of the Southern California Union, commercial and residential. We have worked on custom homes in California's San Joaquin Valley, Santa Barbara and central coast areas. Experience was gained in Aspen and Vail Colorado, Arizona and Nevada. Finally we have ended up in Oregon where we are settling after 30 years of traveling around. We are in the final stages of completing our showroom at 2780 Ocean Blvd in Coos Bay that offers design consultations by appointment. We can provide local references and a complete portfolio of recent jobs. We would appreciate the opportunity to personally meet with you and see your project so that we can become your personal custom tile and stone installers, as we have been recommended to you as a quality minded organization.

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